What's up? It's Aspire.


Aspire Designs was founded in 1999 as an exclusive fine jewellery brand for fashion forward consumers. During the early ‘90s, we observed that there was a gap in the affordable fashion jewellery market. We noticed that jewellery followed either traditional design or contemporary design, and that it was difficult to find affordable fashion forward design-driven styles that worked well with modern apparel. This resulted in the birth of Aspire Designs – a luxury fashion jewellery company with a strong focus on design, versatility and wear ability. Our products are sold to over 100 retail chain-store and department store in more than 30 countries in five continents. We continue to grow our brands, with the modern, cosmopolitan woman as our inspiration.   Our mission is uncompromised passion for artistry, and complimenting today’s ever-evolving fashion trends. We ensure that each and every one of our designs is a work of art yet compatible with a variety of fashion apparel and seasons. We use diamonds, pearls and precious stones to create visually captivating pieces that are bold, interesting, innovative, modern and highly usable. “We believe in constantly evolving and developing new jewellery making techniques. Our company takes no shortcuts to success,” says Aspire Designs CEO Mr. David Shah

1999 The Birth
After traveling around the world founder, David Shah set his mind to create the company to focus on design, establishing Aspire Designs limited


2001 The First Step

Aspire took its first step into the world by opening the US branch in New York


2006 The revolution

Realizing fashion jewellery was missing in the market, our first brand Mvee was created


2010 The Next Chapter

With the success of Mvee, the next mission was to create fashion jewellery for the mass public; Vida was launched to proof that fashion jewellery can also be affordable.


2013 More & more

Listening to customer demands is what we do best, Esmé was created as the demand for a playful fashion jewellery 


2018 The Next Generation

The world changes rapidly and as the youth began their dominance over the world, I’mDiva and Bbee was launched to create jewellery for the millennials and children. 


2020 A Brave New World

The world suddenly took a strange turn, but our philosophy remains the same, Luna diamonds and 365 love are the twins we created focusing on quality.


2021 For The Future

Abov is our first lab grown diamond jewellery brand. Abov is above traditions and skepticism, because the future is what we care about. 


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