We are Abov, specialising in creating jewellery rooted in today’s youth’s philosophy – Being E.A.S.Y.


The youth of today is more responsible and conscious about the environmental and social impact of their choices which draws them closer to brands that align with their ethos, philosophy, and ideologies.


Hence, we at Abov have adapted to the perspective of today’s youth and curated specialised lab-grown diamond jewellery – ethically sourced, created, and designed.

Real. Valuable. Beautiful.


Lab-grown diamonds, just like wine, pearls, or truffles, are created in a controlled environment. They are made using the same amount of pressure and heat that creates an earth-mined diamond. The only difference between an earth-mined diamond and our lab-grown diamond is that ours is more ethically created. 

We repeat: They are authentic, just like you! In fact, they are also certified as natural diamonds by the world’s most prestigious and sophisticated gem laboratories.


Why choose Abov?


Simple. We’re E.A.S.Y.


Ethical: Our diamonds are not mined under harsh conditions from the earth. They’re more ethically sourced and created. 

Authentic – We’re the real deal. Our diamonds are 100% authentic. They are genuine, and their authenticity is no different from that of the earth-mined diamonds.

Sustainable: Our diamonds will be your prized asset for a lifetime. Do you dream of passing your diamond from generation to generation as a family heirloom? You do not have to worry about them fading or clouding up. Go on and build your treasure trove!

Young: They’re timeless. They’re elegant. And most importantly, they appeal to the youth of today! The sheer choices available in designs, shapes, and variety are sure to appeal to the current trends and generations to come!


Our Coveted Collections: A Sneak-Peak 


Choose from our range of various jewellery collections and look your glamorous best.

Heading out for dinner with your posse?

Celebrating a romantic occasion with your special someone?

Looking to make an eye-grabbing statement at the latest social gathering?

Or planning on looking your sharpest best for the next meeting at work?


We got you covered! We have three different jewellery ranges to take care of your every mood and occasion.


–       FANCY Classics 

Our Fancy Classics set is a collection of diamond jewellery shaped in a range of fancy cuts such as pear, oval, emerald, heart, marquise and princess cuts. 


Create an understated timeless statement with our collection of solitaire diamond jewellery. We offer most of them in sets of rings, pendants, and earrings. 


Our classic jewellery is perfect for when you want your personal style to sparkle and let your diamonds do all the talking. They are the perfect choice when you are looking for elegant jewellery that can withstand changing trends and the test of time.


–       FANCY Colours 

If your style is more colourful, vivacious and vibrant and you want your jewellery to reflect your various moods, our fancy colours collection boasts of different fancy-coloured diamonds such as blue, pink, and yellow. 


Not only are these coloured diamonds hard to mine, but they are also rare and hence, extremely coveted. So, you are sure to create a lasting impression with the fancy collection.

  • FANCY  Halo 


Incepted during the Victorian era, these eclectic jewellery pieces are here to stay! Our Aurora collection displays diamond jewellery designed like a halo! It means that a beautiful and luminous halo enhances the brightness of the diamond in the centre of the ornament.

The halo or the outer ring resembles the Saturnal rings, giving the collection its unique look and feel. The eye-catching design makes the diamond stand out, look larger than life, and shine bright!

Our Halo collection is a perfect blend of modern and antique, streamlined yet ornate. Because of its dreamlike, romantic, and plush look, our Fancy Halo jewellery range is a sought-after style among women!


Good for the environment. Great for you!

Apart from being ethical, clean, responsible, and completely authentic, you’ll find that lab-grown jewellery has its own benefits!

– They are of better quality than earth-mined diamonds and offer better clarity and purity!

– They’re affordable, and how! You get the real deal at a great discounted deal. A win-win all the way!


Certified. Graded. Loved.

If you are concerned about the certification of our diamonds, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


They are treated exactly the same as earth-mined diamonds. The diamonds are sent to an independent gem lab for certification from an expert. 


The process of grading is also the same as earth-mined diamonds. The grading focuses on each gemstone’s cut, clarity, carat, and colour. Each diamond is scrutinised, and a quality rating is given after a thorough assessment.


Looking to add E.A.S.Y. diamond jewellery to your timeless collection? 


Choose us, and we’ll help you choose your perfect piece of treasure!

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