luna diamonds

The Perfect Illusion 

Pinpoint accuracy is essential in order to create the ideal Illusion setting. Once the craftsmen have selected the diamonds, they are faced with a technical challenge. Combining different shapes of diamond into one setting also puts designer innovation to the test.

Unlike traditional Illusion setting where stones are placed side by side, Luna diamonds  Illusion requires designers to calculate the angle and to minimize height difference between two different shapes. Each of the diamonds are set in position with less that a 0.01% margin of error for the perfect Illusion setting.

This Magical setting is an innovative technique evolved from the Traditional diamond jewellery. By layering the diamonds in a special formation without using extra prongs, the diamonds forms a center which can compete with large carat diamonds in both sizes and shine.

Our magic collection is truly magical in design & craftsmanship. This groundbreaking technique mixes with out-of-the box design provides the trend setting diamond jewellery the world has yet to see.



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Money set

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